HTVN announces Jerrold M. Shapiro to the 2017 Conference

Advancing SUI Medical Device Treatment Options with Jerrold M. Shapiro: HTVNC17 Speaker Spotlight

The HealthTech Venture Network is proud to welcome Jerrold M. Shapiro, B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., M.S.B.E., Ph.D. and co-founder & president of Floelle Inc. – to our 2017 Conference line up, as a speaker on “Implementing Technology Solutions in Women’s Health.” Held from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., this moderated panel will illuminate the audience on innovations in women’s health – from software solutions to biotech to medical devices – as we explore the current state and future of healthcare technology specifically designed for women.

Dr. Shapiro was the first person at Boston University with an earned doctorate in bioengineering.

He is co-founder of BU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, principal investigator on many NIH grants, director of two laboratories in glaucoma and ocular physiology, and held the positions of research scientist and associate professor of surgery, medicine, ophthalmology and biomedical engineering. He was ophthalmology program manager, director of engineering, director of operations, chief operating officer, CEO and president of medical device companies.

Through MIT, he mentors medical device companies in Portugal, helping them turn ideas into products and companies. Dr. Shapiro is co-inventor of an effective treatment for a debilitating medical condition affecting about 500 million women worldwide, and leader of the startup medical device company bringing it to market.

Urinary stress incontinence affects one in eight women. Coughing, sneezing, lifting, exercising, even laughing, can cause urine leaks, resulting in problems with self-esteem, sexuality and depression. It strikes women young and old and becomes even more common after childbirth, with obesity and with advanced age.
Until now, only surgical procedures, urethral plugs, vaginal pessaries or uncomfortable and embarrassing pads and adult diapers have been an option.

Floelle Inc. has invented the answer: a soft disposable medical device inserted in the female urethra. Normally urine flows through its center channel. When belly pressure exceeds a certain threshold (as in a sneeze, etc.) the urethra presses against the device, closes the channel to block flow and stops accidental urine leaks. It’s replaced every four months to prevent bacterial colonization. The product has been invented, designed, prototyped and successfully tested in an in vitro model of a woman’s lower urinary tract. It is unobtrusive and should not be felt once inserted. Ninety six percent of the 80 incontinent women interviewed would use the Floelle device.

Register now for a day of innovation and progressive healthtech discussion with a spotlight on female entrepreneurs in the industry. Early Bird tickets available until September 1st and General Admission on sale until October 2nd.

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