Dr. Kalyan Kalwa to speak at HTVNC17

Bringing Healthcare Innovation Alive with Dr. Kalyan Kalwa: HTVNC17 Speaker Spotlight

The HealthTech Venture Network excitedly welcomes Dr. Kalyan Kalwa of Health Innovators – healthcare technology community and proud partner of HTVNC17 – as speaker on “How Female Tech Founders Can Leverage Growth Resources.” Held from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., this moderated panel seeks to educate aspiring and current entrepreneurs on the nuances of navigating and leveraging growth resources. Learn where to start and how to catalyze your startup.

Dr. Kalwa is a physician and a pharmacist by training and education with 10 plus years industry experience in information technology.

Born to a pharmacist, Dr. Kalwa left India 15 years ago with a promise to his parents that he would make a big impact in healthcare. Through his leadership and community building experience he gained through toastmasters.org, he built Health Innovators to become one of the largest healthcare technology communities in the Boston area. The company has also built Apps Hub in an effort to help solve the connectivity in healthcare.

Register now for a day of innovation and progressive healthtech discussion with a spotlight on female entrepreneurs in the industry. General Admission tickets on sale until October 2nd.

To further get to know Dr. Kalwa, read an inside interview with him here and connect with him on LinkedIn. To keep up with Health Innovators, visit their TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn pages.

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