Tiffany Kelley to speak at the HealthTech Venture Network Conference, HTVNC17.

Personalizing Patient Care with Tiffany Kelley: HTVNC17 Speaker Spotlight

The HealthTech Venture Network is excited to welcome Tiffany Kelley, Ph.D., MBA, RN – of Nightingale Apps and iCare Nursing Solutions – to our 2017 Conference line up, as a speaker on the “Behind-the-Grind with Successful Female Healthtech Entrepreneurs” panel. Held from 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., this moderated panel seeks to inspire aspiring and current entrepreneurs, share stories from the front lines and tap into the wisdom these professionals have acquired on their entrepreneurial journey thus far.

As founder and CEO of Nightingale Apps and iCare Nursing Solutions, Dr. Kelley is a nurse-turned-entrepreneur who identified an opportunity to solve a real problem faced by nurses who provide direct care to patients each day.

Despite the use of electronic health records, the mobile nature of how nurses work presents challenges to access and use information on the go. As a result, our nation’s nurses rely on scrap papers as an intermediary step that presents challenges in quality care delivery. Dr. Kelley saw an opportunity to develop a mobile solution – known as “Know My Patient” – that supports nurses with consistent information through a mobile platform in order to focus more time on the patient and less on the computer. In addition to her businesses, she is the author of “Electronic Health Records for Quality Nursing and Health Care” and is a board certified informatics nurse and keynote speaker on topics involving healthcare innovation.

Register now for a day of innovation and progressive healthtech discussion with a spotlight on female entrepreneurs in the industry. Early Bird tickets available until September 1st and General Admission on sale until October 2nd.

To get to know Tiffany, connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – and learn more about Nightingale Apps via their Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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