HTVN announces Katia Powell to their 2017 Conference

Personalizing Nutrition with Katia Powell: HTVNC17 Speaker Spotlight

The HealthTech Venture Network is proud to welcome Katia Powell of Black Girls Nutrition to our 2017 Conference line up, as a speaker on “Implementing Technology Solutions in Women’s Health.” Held from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., this moderated panel will illuminate the audience on innovations in women’s health – from software solutions to biotech to medical devices – as we explore the current state and future of healthcare technology specifically designed for women.

Powell is the CEO & founder of Black Girls Nutrition (BGN) – the first online nutrition platform for women of color, to help break the cycle of dieting while still fostering weight loss and connection with like-minded nutrition seekers.

BGN offers monthly subscription plans that provide cultural meal guides and access to nutrition professionals and a community of support. BGN provides real life nutrition solutions that clients can easily infuse into their daily life.

As a holistic health practitioner and motivational speaker with over a decade of experience in healthcare and five years of doctoral studies, Powell’s expertise involves obesity prevention, nutrition, food deserts, food access and racial & ethnic health disparities. With healthcare and research experience of over 20 years, Powell focuses on working with the marginalized populations of the black diaspora, Latino children and women. Her passion is to touch the lives the individuals who are affected the most by obesity, as she herself has lost 200 pounds. Powell works very close with affordable community workouts to promote healthy active lifestyles. As a licensed Zumba instructor and AFAA Certified fitness instructor, she encourages healthy, fun ways for individuals and communities to stay active.

Powell currently serves on the Advisory Board of Technovation and Board of the Fenway CDC, as well as on the planning committee for the New England Science Symposium at Harvard Medical School. She is a Robert Wood Johnson Scholar and a member of the NAACP Health Committee. She also holds several community positions that focus on improving the health of current and future generations.

Powell prides herself on her innovative thinking, dedication, passion and commitment to bringing about positive health change in the lives of Americans. She has a true passion and eternal fire to assist, organize, educate and advocate for those that cannot fight for themselves or have an equal voice in society for personal quality health.

“Our health is our biggest wealth, and we must invest in our future, thereby passing on the assets of healthy living to future generations.”

-Katia Powell

Register now for a day of innovation and progressive healthtech discussion with a spotlight on female entrepreneurs in the industry. Early Bird tickets available until September 1st and General Admission on sale until October 2nd.

To connect with Black Girls Nutrition, visit Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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