HTVNC promotes Boston as hub for healthtech

How HTVN Promotes Boston as a Hub for Healthtech

This old thing? The merits of a different kind of conference. You sip your coffee in a paper cup and check your watch. The speaker moves at a dizzying pace from one buzzword to another. His PowerPoint slides are impressively trendy. You try to translate the tech jargon into real words. What was he saying? […]

HTVN Spotlights Powerful Women in Healthtech

HTVN Spotlights Powerful Women in Healthtech

Women are entering health-tech more than ever before. In a field largely dominated by men, these women entrepreneurs and inventors are making exciting contributions. Here are five power women in healthtech making headlines. Amy Baxter Dr. Amy Baxter is the CEO and Founder of MMJ Labs, and the inventor of Buzzy®[1]. Buzzy is a palm-sized, […]

HealthTech Venture Network checks in with Samantha Simmons, 2015 ELEVATE pitch competition winner at HTVNC

2015 ELEVATE Winner Check-In with Samantha Simmons

It’s been almost six months since Samantha Simmons won the 2015 ELEVATE pitch competition at HealthTech Venture Network Conference in Boston. We wanted to check in with her and see how her business Curative Orthopedics, and her product Back2Sleep (a back brace designed for sleep) have progressed. On how winning the ELEVATE competition affected Simmons. […]

HTVN discusses the telehealth revolution

The Telehealth Revolution

I look over Michael Chan’s shoulder to get a view of his laptop. We are sitting at a long, wooden conference table at InTouch’s headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. With a few clicks of his mouse, the International General Manager and Executive Vice President of Marketing for InTouch Health has logged onto InTouch’s cloud-based network […]

HTVN spotlights the Syrian refugee health crisis and how to help

The Syrian Refugee Health Crisis and How to Help

As the Syrian refugee crisis swells across Middle Eastern and European countries, the healthcare crisis worsens, leaving millions of refugees without access to proper healthcare. The situation seems forbidding, but there are, in fact, many ways to help the international medical community respond to the need. But first, a little background about who is suffering […]

HTVN highlights Dr. Clayton M. Christensen

Anchoring a Buzzword: Disruptive Innovation

“Disruptive innovation” is a term first coined by Dr. Clayton M. Christensen, a professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. Dr. Christensen writes about the concept in his book An Innovator’s Dilemma. Dr. Christensen defines disruptive innovation as “a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at […]

the 2015 HealthTech Venture Network Conference HTVNC

2015 HealthTech Venture Network Conference Recap

The 2015 HealthTech Venture Network Conference (HTVNC) was an enormous success! On September 19, exhibitors, speakers, ELEVATE participants and attendees gathered in downtown Boston at the Marriot Copley Place for a memorable event. From the connected OR, to stem cell research, to a robot that helps make vaccinations less stressful for children, HTVNC was a reflection […]

HealthTech Venture Network spotlights ELEVATE pitch competition winner Samantha Simmons

Meet ELEVATE Winner Samantha Simmons

About Curative Orthopaedics Curative Orthopaedics designs therapeutic garments specifically for nighttime use to help individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries receive the sleep they need to heal faster and more comfortably.  Focusing solely in the area of sleep, the company was created after the founder, Samantha Simmons, fractured her spine while competing in track and field.  […]

HealthTech Venture Network spotlights ELEVATE pitch competition winner Chris Cabell

Meet ELEVATE Winner Chris Cabell

About AppwoRx In 2012 AppwoRx launched the medical industry’s first comprehensive mobile clinical photography tool. Since then AppwoRx’s software has been used to capture and catalog over a half million clinical photos. AppwoRx has simultaneously grown its software offerings to include a wide range of complimentary healthcare tools that have helped users streamline workflow and […]

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