HTVN checks out One Medical Boston opening their newest spot in Copley

One Medical Expands Boston Branch to Copley

The team behind One Medical – a modern healthcare brand that offers same-day medical appointments in an innovative setting – opened its newest location in Copley Square this week. One Medical, with locations in major cities across the country, offers a new approach to healthcare, providing hands-on service efficiency and medical expertise, and providing you with “the care you need, on your terms.”

HTVN checks out One Medical Boston opening their newest spot in Copley
An innovative take on a patient gown

Although patients looking for one-time and occasional care are welcome in, the One Medical team encourages signing up for membership to get the most out of your experience. And at $199 annually, many patients have found the benefits to outweigh the approachable membership cost. Members gain access to same-day appointment scheduling and an easy-to-use patient portal for prescription renewal and health record management, plus 24/7 availability to virtual care for immediate medical help.

At One Medical, “we’re all about access,” said Senior Communications Manager Katie Dally. Because of this, One Medical brings on doctors in a variety of specialty fields, eliminating the issue of often very limited openings in specialty doctor’s appointments. But Dally also highlights just how important primary care physicians can be in multiple medical spheres. “Primary care is the quarterback of care,” she said, emphasizing the often underrated worth of primary care physicians for specialty care uses.

On-site visits to One Medical focus on patient-doctor interaction, transforming examination spaces into “consult rooms” and honing in on the comfort of clients, from the minute they walk in the door. The luxurious waiting area (although you won’t do much waiting, according to Dally) and elimination of doctor’s coats and drab patient gowns gives One Medical’s office the calming feel you’d hope for before any appointment.

HTVN visits One Medical Boston, opening newest location in Copley
One Medical amps up their office style, giving new definition to the classic ‘waiting room’

One Medical’s brand fits right in with the HealthTech Venture Network operation, honing in on the seamless and most beneficial integration of healthcare and technology. HTVN is excited to learn about more local health-tech news in Boston & beyond. Please contact us if you have an applicable story you’d like us to feature on HTVN blog.

Learn more about One Medical and download the app for the healthcare efficiency we all deserve.

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