HealthTech Venture Network takes Capital W - a step in the right direction

A Step in the Right Direction with Capital W

The Boston Women’s Venture Summit hosted Capital W, an event connecting women to capital at “the intersection of wellness and technology.” The one day summit provided entrepreneurs, investors and those interested in the state of venture capital for women a platform for discussion and connection of likeminded individuals, seeking improvement to the female funding gap. […]

HTVN at Creative Mornings with Ovia Health co founder Gina Nebesar

A Creative Morning with Ovia Health – Why We’re Loving Gina Nebesar

The Creative Mornings breakfast lecture series hosted Gina Nebesar last week for a very special morning segment and we couldn’t be more excited about all things women’s healthtech. Nebesar is co-founder and chief product officer of Ovia Health, digital healthcare technology for women and families in various stages of parenting. The Ovia apps – including Ovia Pregnancy […]

HTVN Spotlights Powerful Women in Healthtech

HTVN Spotlights Powerful Women in Healthtech

Women are entering health-tech more than ever before. In a field largely dominated by men, these women entrepreneurs and inventors are making exciting contributions. Here are five power women in healthtech making headlines. Amy Baxter Dr. Amy Baxter is the CEO and Founder of MMJ Labs, and the inventor of Buzzy®[1]. Buzzy is a palm-sized, […]

HealthTech Venture Network checks in with Samantha Simmons, 2015 ELEVATE pitch competition winner at HTVNC

2015 ELEVATE Winner Check-In with Samantha Simmons

It’s been almost six months since Samantha Simmons won the 2015 ELEVATE pitch competition at HealthTech Venture Network Conference in Boston. We wanted to check in with her and see how her business Curative Orthopedics, and her product Back2Sleep (a back brace designed for sleep) have progressed. On how winning the ELEVATE competition affected Simmons. […]

Dawn Lissy: profile of a CEO by HTVN

Dawn Lissy: Profile of a CEO

This month, we wanted to shed a light on a successful CEO in the health-tech industry. Dawn Lissy, the President and CEO of Empirical[1] started her company 17 years ago. Shortly thereafter, she brought on her husband Chris to help run the business. What started as a family-run company with a handful of employees has […]

HealthTech Venture Network spotlights drawing more women into engineering

Girl Power: Drawing More Women into Engineering

Content by Dawn A. Lissy The allure and prestige of the medical field permeates our popular culture. For decades, women have tuned in to soap operas set in hospitals. In more recent small screen history, dramas such as “ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy” struck ratings gold for the networks. The shows portray strong, beautiful, intelligent female […]

HealthTech Venture Network spotlights ELEVATE pitch competition winner Samantha Simmons

Meet ELEVATE Winner Samantha Simmons

About Curative Orthopaedics Curative Orthopaedics designs therapeutic garments specifically for nighttime use to help individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries receive the sleep they need to heal faster and more comfortably.  Focusing solely in the area of sleep, the company was created after the founder, Samantha Simmons, fractured her spine while competing in track and field.  […]

HealthTech Venture Network HTVN spotlights Wealthfront

Psychology Meets Technology: Affecting Lasting Change for Patients

Founder and CEO Alaina Hanlon Adams has a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She applies traditional engineering practices and processes to study the human body’s warning signals and make health predictions long before a medical event like a heart attack or diabetes takes place. She founded NuPlanit in 2013 to apply […]

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