HealthTech Venture Network reviews the Apple watch

Tech Review: Two Weeks with the Apple Watch

“Is it worth it?” That’s the question everyone who sees my, still novel, Apple Watch asks me. As the wearable healthtech market continues to explode, many consumers are seeking a blissful union of hardware and software -of fitness, form, and function. People want their music, their messages, and their calories in one place. But more […]

HTVN rates the hottest healthtech gadgets of 2016

2016’s Hottest Healthtech Gadgets

Check out HTVN’s take on the hottest healthtech gadgets of 2016. 1. MOCAheart[1]–This portable gadget scans your fingertips to provide you information about your heart. The device monitors heart rate, blood oxygen level and provides an overall heart health score called a MOCA index. The company has applied for FDA approval. 2. ReliefBand®[2] -Is worn […]

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