The Capital Network Offers Entrepreneurial Expertise from Some of Boston’s Brightest Angels

The Capital Network – an organization offering entrepreneurial education & startup support – hosted four experts in the funding field to provide insight & expertise to the attentive entrepreneurs in attendance. Angels on the panel included Jodi Collier, Executive Director at Launchpad Venture Group, Kathryn Roy, Angel Investor at Walnut Ventures, Jeff Arnold, Angel Investor […]

What’s the Deal with ELEVATE?

The HealthTech Venture Network Conference (HTVNC) will feature the ELEVATE pitch competition at their annual Conference in Boston this September. ELEVATE is a “Shark Tank” style pitch session where several healthtech startups present their products, organizations and ideas to a panel of physicians, entrepreneurs and executives in the healthtech space for the chance to win a cash […]

The Northeast's Brightest Entrepreneurs Compete at the MedTech Innovator Regional Showcase, Healthtech Venture Network

The Northeast’s Brightest Entrepreneurs Compete at the MedTech Innovator Regional Showcase

On April 14, the MedTech Innovator team held their Northeast regional showcase at Pulse@MassChallenge, Boston. The event featured pitches from noteworthy medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies. Attendees had the chance to pick the brains of MedTech Innovator partners, investors, providers and senior execs from big name medical technology companies. The MassChallenge room quickly filled […]

HealthTech Venture Network visits Precision Medicine

Harvard Talks Med at Precision Medicine 2017

Harvard Medical School’s Department of Biomedical Informatics hosted Precision Medicine 2017: Breakaway Business Models, a forum to address the implementation and dissemination of precision medicine, sponsored by Harvard Medical School, PIC-SURE and Amazon Web Services. What is “precision medicine” exactly? Precision medicine is “taking an explicit multidimensional view of patients: not just one data modality […]

Top Five Cities to Grow a Healthtech Startup HTVN

Top Five Cities to Grow a Healthtech Startup

Silicon Valley has gained itself a reputation as the hotbed in which to grow a startup. Unfortunately, that can be a double edged sword: the amazing amount of innovation and development that has come out of that region has driven property prices to an almost prohibitive level. With this in mind, here are the five […]

HTVN recaps What Factors Influence Startup Success?

Harvard Business Review Recap: What Factors Influence Startup Success?

Content by Tucker J. Marion In today’s world, more and more startups are clamoring for attention. As venture capital firms strive to find the next big thing, they often find themselves struggling to predict which startups are destined for success and which are not. Last year, First Round Capital published a study in which they […]

HealthTech Venture Network checks in with Samantha Simmons, 2015 ELEVATE pitch competition winner at HTVNC

2015 ELEVATE Winner Check-In with Samantha Simmons

It’s been almost six months since Samantha Simmons won the 2015 ELEVATE pitch competition at HealthTech Venture Network Conference in Boston. We wanted to check in with her and see how her business Curative Orthopedics, and her product Back2Sleep (a back brace designed for sleep) have progressed. On how winning the ELEVATE competition affected Simmons. […]

HealthTech Venture Network spotlights ELEVATE pitch competition winner Samantha Simmons

Meet ELEVATE Winner Samantha Simmons

About Curative Orthopaedics Curative Orthopaedics designs therapeutic garments specifically for nighttime use to help individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries receive the sleep they need to heal faster and more comfortably.  Focusing solely in the area of sleep, the company was created after the founder, Samantha Simmons, fractured her spine while competing in track and field.  […]

HealthTech Venture Network spotlights ELEVATE pitch competition winner Chris Cabell

Meet ELEVATE Winner Chris Cabell

About AppwoRx In 2012 AppwoRx launched the medical industry’s first comprehensive mobile clinical photography tool. Since then AppwoRx’s software has been used to capture and catalog over a half million clinical photos. AppwoRx has simultaneously grown its software offerings to include a wide range of complimentary healthcare tools that have helped users streamline workflow and […]

SenseDriver Technologies prepares for HealthTech Venture Network Conference

SenseDriver Technologies Prepares for HealthTech Venture Network Conference

SenseDriver Technologies will be one of the healthtech companies exhibiting their product at the HealthTech Ventures Network Conference (HTVNC) this year. After a strong media reception during the unveiling of their heads up display, SenseHUD, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year, SenseDriver has been spending the past several months further refining […]

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