HealthTech Venture Network spotlights ELEVATE pitch competition winner Samantha Simmons

Meet ELEVATE Winner Samantha Simmons

About Curative Orthopaedics

Curative Orthopaedics designs therapeutic garments specifically for nighttime use to help individuals suffering from musculoskeletal injuries receive the sleep they need to heal faster and more comfortably.  Focusing solely in the area of sleep, the company was created after the founder, Samantha Simmons, fractured her spine while competing in track and field.  During her recovery process, Simmons saw a need for comfortable orthopaedic products designed specifically for nighttime use and began to do market research into her idea.

After two years of prototyping, Curative is in the process of manufacturing its first product, Back2Sleep, a soft nighttime brace designed on the principles of weight and compression to help treat chronic low back pain.  Curative Orthopaedics hopes to work with physical therapy clinics and pain management centers to introduce Back2Sleep to the market.

About Samantha Simmons

Samantha Simmons is a second year MBA student at MIT Sloan School of Management where she is focusing on healthcare innovation.  Before attending MIT, Samantha received both her BFA and Masters of Product Development from Carnegie Mellon University where she established her initial interest and training in product development.

Founder of Curative Orthopaedics, she developed the idea for a therapeutic garment, the Nighttime Back Brace, after her own personal need.  Five years ago, Samantha fractured her back competing in collegiate track and field, and as a result, suffered lingering chronic pain issues.

She found that her pain was always worse at night and the only orthopaedic braces available to her were for daytime use.  She then gradually developed her own remedy for the pain, and as a result, felt that her entire therapy process could be combined into one product to help treat others with chronic pain, the Nighttime Back Brace.

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