Kite Medical 2017 Winner of ELEVATE pitch competition at HealthTech Venture Network

Soaring to Solutions with Kite Medical: HTVN Conference 2017 ELEVATE Pitch Competition Winner

The HealthTech Venture Network would like to extend our great congratulations to 2017’s ELEVATE pitch competition winner, CEO and Founder Sarah Loughney of Kite Medical.



Loughney has a medical engineering degree from University College Dublin and over 10 years experience in medical device product development. Loughney previously worked with Medtronic as a research and development engineer, where she worked on next generation cardiovascular devices. In 2008, she joined Novate medical, developing expertise in design control in a startup environment. Following that, she worked in Renishaw on a stereotactically guided, deep brain delivery system. Loughney completed the BioInnovate (Stanford affiliated) fellowship program in 2012/2013.

The clinical need for a less invasive solution to detecting kidney reflux (VUR) was observed during clinical immersion by Loughney with Professor Prem Puri, during the BioInnovate program in 2013. This grant aid funding was used to develop the Kite Medical device, optimize it through comprehensive bench-top experiments and proof of concept, pre-clinical studies. Since January 2016, Loughney and Paul Frehill – CTO of Kite Medical – have been committed to transforming the novel technology into successful business propositions.



Loughney backed her impressive credentials and experience during her ELEVATE pitch, and with an overwhelming majority vote placed first in the competition. The 2017 ELEVATE judges panel included:
  • Kim Walsh, Director, HubSpot for Startups 
  • Aditya Humad, Co-Founder & CFO, KICVentures
  • Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, Founder & CEO, KICVentures
  • Bree Goodrow, Creative Director, KICCreative
  • Dr. Kalyan Kalwa, Founder, Health Innovators



The 2017 ELEVATE prize was a $10K Brand Strategy and Design package sponsored by KICCreative. As winner, Loughney will work with KICCreative on Kite Medical’s branding, exposure, content and design – implementing creativity with strategy to foster even further entrepreneurial successes.


Thanks for sparking innovation and progressive healthtech discussion with us, Kite Medical! We look forward to following along with the inevitable greatness of this powerful endeavor.


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