The Northeast's Brightest Entrepreneurs Compete at the MedTech Innovator Regional Showcase, Healthtech Venture Network

The Northeast’s Brightest Entrepreneurs Compete at the MedTech Innovator Regional Showcase

On April 14, the MedTech Innovator team held their Northeast regional showcase at Pulse@MassChallenge, Boston. The event featured pitches from noteworthy medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies. Attendees had the chance to pick the brains of MedTech Innovator partners, investors, providers and senior execs from big name medical technology companies.

The MassChallenge room quickly filled with talent across the board – from InsomniSolv CEO Peter Kelley to Access Vascular President James Biggins – but only one company could come out as Regional Winner, securing their spot in the MedTech Innovator Showcase. The Showcase will take place at the MedTech Conference, the largest gathering of medical technology professionals in North America, in September.

The Regional Winner

This round, that deserving operation was Day Zero Diagnostics, a company combining genome sequencing and machine learning to modernize infectious disease diagnosis and treatment. Jong Lee – president, CEO and co-founder of Day Zero Diagnostics – presented an exceptionally strong pitch of their team’s innovative product.

The Competition

  • InsomniSolv, creator of a wearable used to help users fall asleep and stay asleep without drugs
  • Cam Med, the team behind the Evopump wearable patch pump for subcutaneous delivery of medication
  • ARMR Systems, who created a wearable tourniquet system for rapid and stable control of traumatic hemorrhage
  • Fountain VR, combining science and storytelling to develop a social VR platform for engagement and behavior modification
  • Access Vascular, presenting HydroPICC catheter to reduce thrombotic response and complications

The Lightning Round

The event also included time for lightning round, one-minute pitches, with companies like:

  • MobioSense, the team behind HERO instant heart disease monitoring
  • Shade, wearable UV radiation monitoring for Lupus sufferers
  • CareAline, creator of functional line management systems (wearable wraps) for children and adults
  • MouthLab, a health and wellness company that measures multiple vital signs through a mouthpiece

Female Entrepreneur Spotlight

A particular lightning round competitor that piqued our interest was Kezia Fitzgerald of CareAline. CareAline is a company designed and founded to provide effective line management and security, to prevent PICC and Central Lines from getting tangled in unwanted places. CareAline CEO and Chief Innovation Director Kezia Fitzgerald developed the CareAline® Sleeve and CareAline® Wrap through a personal lens, after her daughter was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and began her chemotherapy. Experiencing the above issues herself as well, she realized the inevitable demand for the protection.

Fitzgerald spoke to us about starting a company as a female entrepreneur in the healthtech field:

“While I don’t feel I have faced any challenges specific to being a female founder, I do feel like it’s interesting to be a female entrepreneur in the heavily-male-dominated healthcare field. I often find myself surrounded by men and feeling a bit like the ‘mom voice’ of the group… and I think I have changed a lot of minds about how women – and moms in particular – can make an impact on the larger patient population. For women, particularly moms, who want to use their expertise to help others in the healthcare world, I would say to remember to keep your inspiration close to your heart, and use your personal experiences to fuel your innovation and progress.”

The Northeast's Brightest Entrepreneurs Compete at the MedTech Innovator Regional Showcase, Healthtech Venture Network
8/25/11 Boston, Mass. — 14-month-old Saoirse Fitzgerald plays around her IV lines that administer fluids and her chemotherapy treatments at Children’s Hospital Boston, August 25, 2011. Erik Jacobs for CNN

For children and babies especially, tough spots like diapers, floors and mouths become worrisome in the security of an inserted line and the safety of the patient at hand. And in both pediatric and adult availability, CareAline Products offer copious benefits including:

  • reducing tape irritation by eliminated a majority of the need for additional tape.
  • keeping the lines themselves off the skin, reducing skin breakdown from contact and line contamination/breakdown from bacteria and oils on the skin.
  • curbing and preventing of line dislodgements.


The Northeast's Brightest Entrepreneurs Compete at the MedTech Innovator Regional Showcase, Healthtech Venture Network
8/25/11 Boston, Mass. — 14-month-old Saoirse Fitzgerald walks the halls of Children’s Hospital Boston, with her mom Kezia in-tow, August 25, 2011. Kezia is wearing a home hydration system which will allow the family to go home rather than depend on the hospital to administer fluids following Saoirse’s chemotherapy treatments. Erik Jacobs for CNN

CareAline admirably aims “to provide a better quality of life through comfort and safety for patients with implanted CVCs and their caregivers. We look forward to helping as many patients as we can with Effective Line Management from CareAline! The purpose of our company is to make the CareAline® Sleeve and Wrap industry standard and available for all infants, toddlers, children, teens and adults with PICC lines and CVCs.” To learn more about CareAline, visit

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