HTVN joins Harvard @ Precision Med 2018

Harvard Spotlights Precision Medicine – Where We Are & Where We’re Headed

Harvard Medical School’s Department of Biomedical Informatics hosted Precision Medicine 2018: Assembling the Puzzle, a forum to address the implementation and dissemination of precision medicine, in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, PIC-SURE, Amazon Web Services, Novartis, Datavant and Verily Life Sciences. Tell me more about “precision medicine.” In his welcome address, Professor Isaac S. Kohane, […]

HTVNC promotes Boston as hub for healthtech

How HTVN Promotes Boston as a Hub for Healthtech

This old thing? The merits of a different kind of conference. You sip your coffee in a paper cup and check your watch. The speaker moves at a dizzying pace from one buzzword to another. His PowerPoint slides are impressively trendy. You try to translate the tech jargon into real words. What was he saying? […]

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